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  • We make simple, practical and easy to use clothing from upcycled fabrics and transform “boring”, damaged or old fashioned pieces making them modern, original and personal.

    Our pieces are made to fit for different sizes so they can still be used when we change weight and also be exchanged between people of different heights and weights. Our creation process is as simple as it can and aims to use the least possible resources: human, material, technical and economical. We use leftovers from clothing factories and low price fabrics or used clothing to create our goods.

    Our Philosophy
    We believe that we can reverse the process of pollution and saturation of our planet by reducing waste and having a more conscious attitude towards the quantity of goods we acquire, the time we preserve them and the amount of energy and materials expended in their creation. Clothing is undoubtedly one of the most consumed and most discarded goods.

    Most of us have excess clothing and yet we will shop for new clothes every season. Instead of discarding or accumulating what we have we can transform and reuse! We will not only save the planet but also create a better future for ourselves and the next generations.

    Before buying new clothes, think about what you need and see if you can do it with what you already have. Put creativity to the maximum or consult us and you will see that it is special and fun to participate in the process of creating your own clothing.
    No doubt it will be original !!



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