Rosa de Foc

We are an autonomus, self-managed housing and education collective based on libertarian and anti-authoritarian principles. We live on Ashmakh Fwthla 18 in Exarcheia.

We come from several countries, including Greece.

We cooperate with several political projects that promote the non-profit character, the strengthening of relationships among comrades and the general struggle for revolution and Anarchy. We want and we have the ability to house self-educational activities, as well as activities that promote political discussion and communication.

We send our greetings to the revolutionary comrades that fight for freedom around the world, and all the political prisoners that have been kidnapped by the state. Our space constitutes from the beginning a crossroad for comrades from all around the globe and we desire to remain as such.

Whoever wants to take part in our community life and build a connection with us or has some projects or ideas, are welcome every Friday at 1p.m. At this time we organize a collective kitchen.

  • Faircoin Address: fMVTutreWUpmT2c7MzqAUZCivKtRaXVYzU
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