PAF is located in the village St.Erme in an old convent (6400m2) on a 1,2ha walled garden, approximately 35km from the city of Reims (Champagne) in France and approximately 20km from the city of Laon (Aisne), 130km northeast of Paris, 240km south of Brussels.


Basic information PAF

PAF (=PerformingArtsForum) is a place for the professional and not-yet professional practitioners and activists in the field of performing arts, visual art, new media and internet, theory and cultural production, who seek to research and determine their own conditions of work. PAF is for people who can motorize their own artistic production and knowledge production not only responding to the opportunities given by the institutional market.

Initiated and run by artists, theoreticians and practitioners themselves, PAF is a user-created, user-innovative informal institution. Neither a production-house and venue, nor a research-center, it is a platform for everyone who wants to expand possibilities and interests in his/her own working practice.


PAF is
– a forum for producing knowledge in critical exchange and ongoing discursive practice
– a place for temporary autonomy and full concentration on work
– a tool-machine where one can work on developing methods, tools and procedures, not necessarily driven toward a product
– a place for experimenting with other than known modes of production and organization of work, e.g. open source production

Most importantly, PAF offers all these possibilities without imposing them. In other words, PAF depends on how you affect and are affected by taking an active part in shaping your own activity in your workplace.

PAF has 3 rules.
– Don’t leave traces (clean behind you in order to leave every square centimeter, that is not your private room, all the time available for everybody)
– Make it possible for others ( thought as to open up space(s) by showing a rehearsal or a movie, giving a lecture, starting a discussion or cleaning a corridor, or as to keep space(s) open by keeping them available and not occupied with traces from you)
– The do-er decides (things are decided by the one’s who do more than the ones who speak)
(Think them interrelated)

PAF has 3 no’s.
-no partners (unless the partner has a project to work on), no animals, no kids. PAF wants to be a place for to produce not a social one.

PAF has 3 principles.
1. Reversibility. The things in PAF ( whether they are objects, subjects or institutions/organisations) are there for you and you are there for the things as well. I.e. PAF or the coffee machine, the other or a corridor is there for you as much as you are there for PAF or the coffee machine, for the other or the corridor.
2. Exchange. Of whatever Knowledge, Machines, Expertise, Spaces, Times, Things
3. Liquidity. You are kindly invited to make fluid what is fixed, whether this concerns your mental (I am like this) or your material property.

Prices in 2016 are 18 euro per night (18 euro in 2017 too) when your stay is longer than 5 nights and 20 euro when under 5 nights (20 euro in 2017 too). 475 euro for one month. (475 euro in 2017) Plus for everybody a membership fee of 12 euro, valuable for 12 months and a form to sign that PAF is not liable for any damage done to you.

For to pay in Faircoin multiply the euros by 20. (As 1 euro equals 20 Faircoins)

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15 rue Haute, St.Erme Outre et Ramecourt, Hauts de France, France
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