Livraria Gato Vadio

Bookshop - Coffee Bar

Cultural Association and Social Intervention Space

We believe that another culture is possible!
Gato Vadio

The mythical Gato Vadio is a bookstore, a bar, a cultural association and a space for social intervention.

An essential visit, a place to rest and feed the spirit, drink a craft beer, a freshly brewed fruit juice, read a book, listen to good music …

The Gates and the Vadi @ s remain open doors to welcome you in this adventure that spreads the seeds of joy, solidarity, creativity, rebellious and critical consciousness. Our claws remain as seductive as the purring we make to your ears!

Recently, Gato Vadio dressed the skin of Cultural Association and Space of Social Intervention.
The official name of the association is a metaphor, sometimes poetic, sometimes realistic: Saco de Gato.

We hope that the space of Cat Vadio remains open to the diversity of the feline people who have spent and stayed here for four years. We believe that another culture is possible!

Direct intervention, workshops, debates, cycles of documentaries, films, concerts, poetry, books, festivals, nonsense, humor, tu-cá-tu-lá, … is to continue! It is not too much to remember that Gato Vadio would have closed doors if there had not been this metamorphosis into a non-profit association. However, to keep this happy ending shipwreck afloat we need your help and participation.

Become a member of Saco de Gatos!
We are all in the same bag!

How could it be otherwise, in Gato Vadio, FairCoin is also accepted.

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Rua do Rosário, 281, Porto, Portugal
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From thursday to sunday, 17:00 h to 24:00 h