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Exchange FairCoins to official currencies

Oh, dear friend, are you looking to go back to capitalist currencies?
Before that, we want to remind you how many things you can do with your FairCoins:
  • You can also donate to organizations, cooperatives and projects that already accept FairCoins as a part of this new world. Look them up in the directory as well: use.fair-coin.org/directoy
  • We are working at broadening the online market where you could buy products or services through internet. This market will be available soon at market.fair.coop
  • For  sure, you can start using it with your close people for exchange value, work or products. Talk to them about joining this network!
  • Finally, you can use it for value reserve. FairCoin is growing up and nobody (banks, goverments, etc) can take over your reserves 😉
But, sure, we have created this page to make exchange to classical currencies possible, so here is the form. Complete all the necessary information, send us the amount of faircoins to our address and we will proceed the bank transfer.
For that exchanges we will use the reference value of faircoin in Getfaircoin.net
That exchange, will be with 1% fees like in getfaircoin.net
Thank you!

Your use.fair-coin.org merchant username

your email adress

How many faircoins do you transfer to our faircoin address?

Your faircoin address

I want to be paid in

official currencybitcoin

If you choose official currency, fill that questions

Owner of the bank account

IBAN account

BIC code

If you chose Bitcoin, add your bitcoin adress

Please, explain us breafly your experience with faircoins, we are interested in your feedback 😉

Thanks for your participation.